Middle Eastern Encounters

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Welcome to “Middle Eastern Encounters”, the International Master’s Degree Program of the Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Haifa.
The Middle Eastern Encounters program is designed to promote a better understanding of the modern Middle East from its political, cultural, and religious perspectives. Its interdisciplinary approach sheds light on the sociology, economics and history of the region. The issue of Jewish-Arab relations and the civil society in Israel are part of the curriculum, along with more general topics such as political Islam, regional politics and education.

The City of Haifa is a perfect place to explore these subjects. It is the most diverse city in Israel and is home to Jews, Muslims, Christians of various denominations, Druze, and other religious and ethnic groups, all living side by side in a remarkable coexistence. The university campus is a genuine melting pot, where students from all these groups interact and study together.

We offer a comprehensive academic program that features a fascinating and dynamic curriculum combining classes and field work. The program includes encounters with important figures, visits to local communities, historical sites, archives and museums around Israel, and a practicum in one of the civil or governmental institutions in Haifa and its surroundings, all of which enable a hands-on approach to the study of the Middle East. The program is structured to offer students the opportunity to take language courses in Arabic or Hebrew in the morning, in addition to the regular classes.

Our students are an inseparable part of the Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Haifa and are invited to all the Department’s events. We hope to see you in our program in Haifa during the next academic year!

Dr. Ido Shahar, Program Director, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies